lowest responsible bidder

lowest responsible bidder, lowest qualified bidder

The bidder who submits the lowest bona fide bid and is considered to be fully responsible and qualified to perform the work, 1 for which the bid is submitted. In the case of private construction contracts, the decision as to the bidder’s responsibility and qualification usually is made by the owner and the architect. In public contracts, a decision disqualifying a low bidder may have to be made on a reasonable basis rather than an arbitrary one.
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5 million contract to the lowest responsible bidder for the project, Mount Laurel-based Wu & Associates.
In upholding the contract award, the court relied upon well-established case law, noting that the requirement of awarding public work to the lowest responsible bidder involves considerations of skill, judgment and integrity.
The city instead awarded the contract to the most responsible bidder, as opposed to the lowest responsible bidder, based on criteria not advertised in the specifications.
Regis asserted that not awarding the contract to the lowest responsible bidder may have left the town susceptible to a lawsuit.
All contracts for erecting or repairing public buildings or bridges in any county, or for materials therefor; or for providing for the care and keeping of paupers, where there are no almshouses, shall be given to the lowest responsible bidder, under such regulations as may be provided by law.
Historically, public works projects in most states and municipalities have had to follow public procurement laws that require the architect to represent the client, while the construction contract is awarded separately to the lowest responsible bidder.
Under the design-build statute, district officials have the choice of awarding the project to the ``best value'' bidder, which might not be the lowest responsible bidder.
by a group of contractors who believed that projects should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
Part of the problem, she said, is that projects funded by Proposition K require acceptance of the lowest responsible bidder, which she said often results in a Catch-22 of poor-quality contractors being awarded bids.
Competitive bids were received from several contractors, with the lowest responsible bidder submitting a price of $987,700 for the entire treatment plant, plus an effluent pump station and a force main to the Mississippi River.
Unlike private projects where a set team of participants may be custom crafted to a project, the government must accept the lowest responsible bidder or bidders (on multi-phase projects).

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