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see alfalfaalfalfa
or lucern
, perennial leguminous plant (Medicago sativa) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), the most important pasture and hay plant in North America, also grown extensively in Argentina, S Europe, and Asia.
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Histopathological changes in the reproductive organs of Manchego ewes grazing on Lucern.
Different types of fodders such as berseem, lucern, dhancha, maize etc.
degree in Business Economics from the School of Business at the Lucern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University.
Among them, wheat straw and other dry fodders remained dominant all over the year while lucern was increasingly red during December to April, March whereas gram straw was utilised from May to September (Figure 4).
Cuius aedificii tails est situs ut aperientibus fores tonitruum intus terribile audiatur: descenditur centenis ultra gradibus; intus simulacra et monstrificae effigies, in partes diuersas transitus innumeri per tenebras, et cetera ad errorem ingredientium facta, ita ut de tenebris eius ad lucern uenire inpossibile uideatur.
In my youth, Lucern Congregational Methodist Church was heated and cooled with butane space heaters and with ceiling fans.
Ecclesia autem omnes illas difficultates devincit per virtutem Christi et caritatem, qua mysterium licet sub umbris revelat, donec ad plenum lucern perveniat.
Liverpool will leave for their Swiss training camp tomorrow, and will play games against Lucern on Wednesday and Polish side Wisla Krakow next Saturday.
The young girl, Vera, sped across the paddocks, grass and lucern lush; she swathed a trail in the mass of green twitching back and forth like the estuary tide.
The Capuchins, who followed the Jesuits in their missionary objectives in Lucern and in the surrounding areas, went even further by extending their religious blessings to cure sick animals.
It is known as lucern in most English-speaking areas other than North America.