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Pol. Łuck, city (1989 pop. 198,000), capital of Volyn region (see Volhynia), Ukraine, a port on the Styr River. Its industries produce scientific instruments, food products, and textiles.
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, Ukraine.
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NONAGRAM: clink' clunk' kiln' kinless' kiss' lick' like' liken' link' luck' LUCKINESS' lunk' neck' nick' nickel' nuke' sick' sicken' sickle' silk' silken' sink' skein' skin' slick' slink' slunk' snick' snuck' suck' suckle' sulk' sunk' unlike.
luckiness lues 'n' sick (Luckily I'll "yuck!") luckier Lie ruck, like cur [d: lucky dog!]
The demand for this single, which mixes electro pop with the happy-go- luckiness of dancehall, was spurred on by word of mouth and Pete Tong making it his top tune.
Luckiness, competition, and performance on a psi task, Journal of Parapsychology 61, 33-44.
"Sophie and I were at the very top end of luckiness - we had a lot of inner strength, we had a very good relationship, and it did not bring us down in the way I know it has brought some down, in terms of depression.
Luckiness is a feeling probably not shared by former Post Editor Dennis Britton.
But we in this country were only luckier and were only grateful for the luckiness if we used it.
Praise restores us to the world again, to our luckiness of being.
This may influence their perceptions of the luckiness of certain letters and numbers.
Therefore, various measurements of luck and luck beliefs have been reported in forced-choice precognition experiments that include not only perceived luckiness, but also controllable luck belief, chance belief, providence belief, and fortune belief.