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The Apollo missions brought back over a third of a tonne of lunar rock and soil and they showed that the earth and the moon have some chemical and isotopic similarities, suggesting that they have a linked history "The first answer was the origins of the craters - there were two theories - one that they were caused by impact, the other that they were volcanic.
However, the Chang'e-4's travel is much riskier and will allow China to obtain samples of lunar rock and dust.
Prof Schulze-Makuch and British colleague Professor Ian Crawford, from Birkbeck, University of London, analysed results from recent space missions and studies of lunar rock and soil samples.
The first channel is centered at a 60 MHz frequency and has a meter-level resolution in simulated lunar rock material.
When the drilling process is blocked by a large chunk of lunar rock, percussion will be used to improve the bit's ability to fracture rock.
They will be displayed for three days at the National Museum of Wales before being returned to London where research is being carried out on the lunar rock.
Afterwards, it will launch Luna-28 and Luna-29, which will bring samples of lunar rock back to Earth.
Analysis of lunar rock brought back by Apollo astronauts shows traces of the "planet" called Theia.
Their simulations revealed that the unusually hydrogen-rich apatite crystals observed in many lunar rock samples may not have formed within a water-rich environment, as originally thought.
of New York at New Paltz) supplies teachers with a guide to teaching and learning about the moon, drawing on data collected during orbital lunar missions, observations of the moon from Earth, lunar rock samples, and data from instruments left on the lunar surface.
-American astronauts collected about 842 pounds of lunar rock in six missions between Apollo 11 in 1969 and Apollo 17 in 1972.