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Contributors identified only by name explore how ancient and modern peoples who calculate time from the moon resolve the discrepancy of lunar time with solar and stellar time and the changing of seasons.
29: This week's dark moon is the best lunar time this month for pruning shrubs and trees to retard growth, and for killing weeds.
9: Favorable October lunar times for planting root crops, setting spring flower bulbs and transplanting perennials occur as the Hickory Nutting Moon wanes throughout the next two weeks.
3: The moon's position in the first two weeks of September and October brings the best lunar time of early fall for planting and transplanting plants that produce their fruit above the ground.
As with other cultures following the Moon, these original Americans inserted a 13th Moon in the sequence every two to three years, to keep the lunar times in step with the seasons.
Eventually, the Gregorian calendar took precedence in the Americas for spiritual, legal, and political purposes, but even today many indigenous nations still observe the traditional lunar times.
Seeds planted now often sprout earlier and grow more vigorously than seeds sown at other lunar times.