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(loo-nay -shŏn) See synodic month.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A lunation is a complete cycle between two new moons, also referred to as a synodic month. Lunations average 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.7 seconds. The term “lunation” can also be used interchangeably with “new moon.”


The time period between two successive new moons.

synodic month

synodic month
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The average period of revolution of the moon about the earth with respect to the sun, a period of 29 days 12 h 44 min 2.8 s. This is sometimes called the month of the phases, because it extends from the new moon to the next new moon. Also called lunation.
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A: 12 average lunation periods = 50 weeks + 4d 8:48:40
This value for the average lunation cycle was the one used by Maimonides in his detailed presentation of Jewish calendar calculations.
Note that according to the method of construction of the Jewish calendar, the term Molad Tishri here refers not to the astronomical new moon time but rather that determined from the time of the Molad Tishri of year two (or the fictitious Molad Tishri of year one), the number of the lunar conjunction, and the average lunation period (see note 10 below).
Indeed, the Jewish calendar in use today preserves both temporal cycles and the unruly lack of fit between them in its "architecture of time," (19) a tension between the wild rhythms of nature embodied in the festivals linked to the cycles of lunation and year versus the tame rhythm of culture manifested by the weekly Sabbath.
However, the "average" lunation is based not on observation but on the unseen, theoretical conjunction of sun, moon, and earth; it is easily calculable (by tracking lunar eclipses), which is part of why it eventually supplanted the observance of the new crescent in the Jewish calendar.
In this sense, despite the fact that the contemporary Jewish calendar is calculated, thanks to its basis in the lunation, the annual holidays are nevertheless experienced as unruly and wild.
The Traditional Calendar of Loh and Toga, Torres Group Lunation Meaning Associated activity nomwegot goto ?
More precisely, after one Saros (223 lunations, or 18.
Even two totals at an interval of only 12 lunations (354 days) are possible, such as on August 12, 2045, and August 2, 2046, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil.
In other words, extreme lunations accompany extremes in the eccentricity of the lunar orbit.
My work also uncovered an even greater period of 177 years where, again, the lunations reach long-term extremes.
In other words, a lunation can be as much as 6h 13m shorter, or 7h 15m longer, than its average value of 29d 12h 44m.