cold cut

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cold cut, cold cutter

A cold chisel mounted on a handle like a hammer; struck with a maul.
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It's a guarantee that the luncheon meat contains only about two grams of fat in a two-ounce serving.
fortunately, every luncheon meat we looked at that was cured with nitrite also contained either sodium ascorbate vitamin C) or a close relative, erythorbate.
Phil White pole fished luncheon meat for 124lb and second place as did DanielEwers inthird place with 121lb.
Andy Prosser also fished the margins, but it was paste on the hook that brought him 109lb 8oz of carp and second place while just to prove carp will eat most things put in front of them Bob Williams was third with 79lb 9oz caught on pieces of luncheon meat.
The biggest weight of the week came from Kirkby's Paul Haynes, who had carp scrapping for catapulted portions of luncheon meat on the lake while putting together a haul of 52lb 8oz.
There were more anglers in the line up for the Sunday match at the Chepstow fishery and this time it was Tredegar commercial fishery specialist Mike Yandle in first place with 130lb 11oz of carp caught on pieces of luncheon meat fished with a long pole.
The Lymm man went out to 13 metres with pole gear and luncheon meat for a succession of carp that included a best fish of 7lb.
He used luncheon meat as bait backed up with small pieces chopped up and put into PVA bags attached near the hook and it worked when he landed one carp of 6lb and another that weighed 12lb Rhiwbina match angler Jim Palmer put in a practice session at Seven Oaks Fishery along with his son Russell.
Luncheon meat gets a big share of carp when leg ered close to the islands and pellet hook bait is increasingly popular.
Dean Galley, from Barry, netted carp to 9lb, along with bream to 2.5lb, when he baited with corn and luncheon meat at Warren Mill.
Loida Valenzuela has alerted the public to refrain from buying China-manufactured luncheon meat Maling including other processed pork meat.
Fishing the pole at 13 metres from peg 15 using paste, maggot, luncheon meat and soft pellet, Jones (Quarry Pool) graced the scales with 121-8-0 of carp to over 10lb.