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(US), luster
a. a shiny metallic surface on some pottery and porcelain
b. (as modifier): lustre decoration
2. Mineralogy the way in which light is reflected from the surface of a mineral. It is one of the properties by which minerals are defined


(A French acronym for Synchronous real-time Lucid). Real-time dataflow language for synchronous systems, especially automatic control and signal processing. A Lucid subset, plus timing operators and user-defined clocks.

Designed for automatic control applications. It is based on the idea that automatic control engineers use to analyse, and specify their systems in terms of functions over sequences (sampled signals). It thus seems both safe and cost effective to try to compile directly those descriptions into executable code. A lot of work has been done, so as to get efficient compilation, and also in formal verification. The language has been used in nuclear plant control, and will be used in aircraft control.

["Outline of a Real-Time Data-Flow Language", J.-L. Bergerand et al, Proc IEE-CS Real Time Systems Symp, San Diego, IEEE Dec 1985, pp. 33-42].

["LUSTRE: A Declarative Language for Programming Synchronous Systems", P. Caspi et al, Conf Rec 14th Ann ACM Symp on Princ Prog Langs, 1987].
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1-6): Mature shells are lusterless white, are up to nearly 30mm in standard length, are moderately stout, being 0.
Being overweight also adversely affects the skin; overweight animals typically have dull, lusterless skin that is in turn more susceptible to disease processes.
Kinbote calls Shade "a fleshy Hogarthian tippler" and describes "his misshapen body, that gray mop of abundant hair, the yellow nails of his pudgy fingers, the bags under his lusterless eyes.
Yet the survival of a number of Warren Court precedents, predictably something more than lusterless shells, may serve to secure the Burger Court's reputation as a less threatening foe of criminal justice rights.
Despite the symbolism of aging (pallor framed by gray curls, furrowed brow, lusterless eyes inside dark circles, prominent nasal labial lines, fading features), the conjured portrait is of beauty, refinement, dignity, nobility, perseverance, intellectual cultivation.
By this I do not mean only JR's inability to see what Amy laments over, but a generalized insistence on the "vacancy" of eyes, however "intent" (105), lusterless surfaces, empty stares, unfocussed gazes and blank glances.
A flash of lusterless light fell on the wall opposite the window.
Components hang together uneasily: Diagonally placed cardboard-box pieces and the crawl spaces they create look like they might protect a skid-row sleeper; blue landmasses float Gondwanaland-like against dull gray "seas" on large maplike canvases; a little, leaning wood panel painted a lusterless orange and sky blue looks like Kara Walker's silhouettes, digits seemingly reaching upward in an ambiguous gesture commingling hope, degradation, and despair.
Their hair is lusterless like their faces, their unrevealing eyes--they look as if they're never outdoors.
But that's about all that can be said in favor of this lusterless trifle, which manages the almost unimaginable feat of making Jennifer Coolidge come off badly.
New Products: Thompson's Advanced waterproofer; Sherwin Williams ProXP; Krylon Fusion for Plastic; ExpressTech; Seaguard 6000 (relaunched); JetGlo Express; ULTRA 7000 matte clearcoat CC947; water-reducible UV-curable coatings in the Ultra-Cure line; Powdura NSF-61 certified powder coatings; Lusterless high solids polyurethane topcoat; Pro-Hide Silver high build interior latex coatings; enhanced SuPrime primers, sealers and undercoaters; Accolade, The Crown Jewel of Paints (relaunched); Colron Refined Danish Oil; Colron Refined Teak Oil; Builders Solution high-build product line for drywall; and Eco Guard latex spray paint.