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Pearson's correlation was used to examine the relationship between luxation days and gene expression levels.
The treatment of traumatic luxation with cervical traction aims trying to reduce it as well as the stabilization of the cervical spine to an ultimate surgical procedure of fixation (6).
Repeated surgical luxation and orthodontic traction thus eliminating any transient ankylosis
Le traitement des luxations anciennnes de la tete radiale chez l'enfant par l'osteotomie haute du cubitus.
In order for these people to act, they should be trained in identifying and treating the most common dental injuries: concussions, fractures, luxations, intrusions and avulsions.
Multiple fractures and luxations of palatofacial bones in a hawk-headed parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus).
Type of TDI: Hard dental tissue and pulp injuries (enamel fracture, enamel/dentin fracture, enamel/dentin/pulp fracture, root fracture, crown/root fracture, and crown/ root/pulp fracture); periodontal tissue injuries (subluxation, intrusive luxation, extrusive luxation, lateral luxation and avulsion).
Les agents de securite, qui sont intervenus pour [beaucoup moins que]calmer les agresseurs[beaucoup plus grand que], ont ete a leur tour pris a partie, ajoute la meme source, notant qu'un membre du staff medical a ete atteint d'une luxation d'epaule alors que des infirmiers et une femme de menage ont subi des coups et blessures.
Les proteges de Nabil Maaloul ont ete decidement malchanceux depuis le debut du tournoi en perdant le gardien Moez Hassan qui s'etait blesse apres 6 minutes de jeu face a l'Angleterrre et a du declarer forfait pour la suite de la competition apres une luxation a l'epaule qui l'a obligee a retourner en France pour subir une operation chirurgicale.
Of the most related consequences of the last fall, 21 (34.42%) suffered sprain and luxation and 14 (22.95%) had excoriations, according to Table 2.
Anterior hip dislocations are further subclassified as superior, inferior, luxation erecta of hip, obturator, or pubic type [12].