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a general secondary school in a number of Western European, Latin American, and African countries.

In France the lycée is the only general secondary school. It has a seven-year course of study and accepts students who have completed the five-year primary school. In their sixth year students are assigned to sections specializing in the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and engineering. In the senior class there are five sections each having its own curriculum: philosophy and philology, economics, mathematics and physics, biology, and engineering. In order to graduate, students must pass the baccalauréat examination.

In Italy lycées are divided into “classical” and “real” schools. A five-year course of study is offered to those who have completed a five-year primary and three-year intermediate school. In the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, the three- or four-year upper divisions of the secondary schools are called fycées. In Belgium the lycée is a secondary school for girls, and in Poland it is a four-year school conferring a certificate upon graduation. In 19th- and early 20th-century Germany and Austria-Hungary, the lycée was a general secondary school for women.

In prerevolutionary Russia, lycées were secondary and higher schools for the privileged classes. They trained children of the nobility for civil service posts, chiefly in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The best-known fycées were the Tsarskoe Selo, or Alek-sandrovskii, Lycée, the Richelieu Lycée in Odessa, the Nezhin Lycée, and the Yaroslavl’, or Demidov, Lycée.

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L'annee en cours verra donc l'inauguration des laboratoires d'informatique ATB du college Mekki Ben Azouz de Nefta et, respectivement, les lycees Taher Haddad a Gabes et Ibn Ell Mandhour a Kebili.
The only Tutsi girls in the lycee, Virginia and Veronica, are a minority (the yearly quota is two Tutsi students for twenty of other origins).
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In second place was schoolmate Oliver Bloodworth in 13:24, while in third was Hussam Aknouche of Lycee Francais in 15:05.
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La bombe etait composee de bonbonnes de gaz reliees entre elles, cachees dans des sacs a dos et avait ete placee pres d'un muret du lycee, selon les premiers elements donnes par les forces de l'ordre aux medias.
BEIRUT: In an exciting final, favorites Jamhour school beat Lycee Ashrafieh 19-0 Sunday in Lebanon's first-ever inter-schools championship.
The French Lycee schools are noted for excellence in hotel and restaurant management and culinary arts.
This week, Middlesbrough College invited Laurie Gonzalez and Phillippe Carlier, from the Lycee Charles de Gaulle, to see its brand new facilities.
A return trip is planned next month, with students from the Lycee Renaudeau visiting for a week from March 17 to 24.
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