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lych-gate, lich-gate

A roofed gateway at the entrance to a church or cemetery where a coffin may be placed temporarily before proceeding to the grave.
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On leaving the church walk down the field right in front of the lych-gate to the gap in the wall, and straight down to a track and right of way leading to Plas Llandecwyn, a medieval farm house
The Gateway, which also included a stag beetle stump, a grass-roofed lych-gate and a wildlife pool, has been re-assembled since the show in the Trusts' new visitor centre in Essex.
Hundreds of villagers had gathered to welcome them at the lych-gate of the parish church, including the vicar, Reverend Aylward, the squire, Captain Drummond, the village's Congregational minister, Reverend Dickenson, and a visiting (white) bishop from Trinidad.
The leaflets are free and found in the church or the lych-gate.
Opposite the church lych-gate turn left along Edge Road.