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1. the hiding place or lair of an animal
2. Golf
a. the position of the ball after a shot
b. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing


Trygve Halvdan . 1896--1968, Norwegian statesman; first secretary-general of the United Nations (1946--52)


A symbolic mathematics package aimed at Lie groups.

["LiE, a Package for Lie Group Computations", M.A.A. van Leeuwen et al, in Computer Algebra Nederland, 1992 (ISBN 90-741160-02-7)].
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Herbert Derek Stephenson was discovered by a neighbour lying behind the front door of his Honley home on the evening of June 23.
It is understood he was found lying behind his counter by a taxi driver who raised the alarm.
Sandy had been lying behind us, but slipped down to get in my place when I got up to get a cup of tea.