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In this descriptive study, we took FNA cases sent to our Pathology Department with signs of lymph node enlargement.
Demographic features (such as gender and age) and ultrasonographic lymph node characteristics (including nodule size, numbers, position, echo, margin, calcification, central flow, CI or ECE, and so on, determined by two experienced ultrasound doctors) were analyzed.
The objective of this study was to detect and confirm the presence of acid fast bacilli in lymph node biopsies using routine Ziehl Neelsen stain, Kinyoun stain and fluorescence staining and also to determine the best, rapid and more cost effective technique of staining for the detection of acid fast bacilli.
however, both evaluated the role of lymph node dissection in predominantly low-risk endometrial cancer and found no benefit.
The results of this meta-analysis may be useful when deciding to offer SLNB [sentinel lymph node biopsy] to patients with regressions of melanomas," they wrote, adding: "It may help clinicians make a final selection of the most appropriate patients for this procedure.
To be counted as a lymph node, the specimen had to be a capsule and subcapsular sinus; lymphoid aggregates lacking these architectural features were not counted as lymph nodes.
Inflammation of mesenteric lymph node can vary depending on the causal agent like bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, foreign bodies etc.
Regional lymph node metastasis is a frequent finding and one of the most important factors in the prognosis and treatment of patients with head and neck tumors.
Short axis diameter of more than 10 mm was taken as the criteria for enlarged lymph node.