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(e) Microscopic image of a lymph vessel with (f) corresponding LA-ICP-MS Tm distribution after administration of Tm-DOTMA in the left hind paw.
As CD34 cannot differentiate between lymphatic and blood vessel tumour, MVD was analysed without discrimination between lymph vessels and micro- blood vessels.
However, it was not shown whether the primo vessel came out of the lymph vessel through the lymph wall or continued to enter the lymph node because the Alcian blue blurred near the lymph node and therefore clear tracing was not possible near the lymph nodes.
This passes up through the legs, into the groin and abdomen, and the lymph vessels and nodes containing the contrast medium show up clearly on the X-ray pictures.
The scientists warned that opening blood and lymph vessels may improve the efficiency of drug delivery, but would also enhance access for nutrients that can fuel a cancer.
We found emboli of mesothelial cells inside submesothelial and dermal lymph vessels of an umbilical hernia sac.
Lymph vessels of the adult mammary gland originate in the interlobular connective tissue and the walls of lactiferous ducts.
Soft tissues including muscles, tendons, fat, blood and lymph vessels, nerves and tissues around joints are the main affected parts.
Compression bandages act by modifying the capillary dynamics of veins, lymph vessels, and tissues.