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An abnormal mass of lymphatic vessels.



a tumor of the lymphatic vessels.

Most lymphangiomas represent defects of development. They may be localized in any part of the body and its organs and tissues, but they are found most often in the neck, skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, or retroperitoneal space (less frequently, in the liver, spleen, or kidneys). They appear as soft swellings of various dimensions in the skin or subcutaneous tissue and seem to disappear when pressed. Lymphangiomas grow slowly. They become inflamed readily. Treatment is surgical.

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On imaging, renal lymphangioma appears as a uni- or multilocular cystic mass in the perinephric space and/or in the renal sinus (Figure 2).
Three types of lymphagniomas are distinguished in the literature: the cavernous lymphangioma, the lymphangioma simplex, and the cystic lymphangioma (1).
11) Lymphangiomas have a signal intensity similar to or slightly less than muscle on T1-WI, and greater than fat on T2-WI, owing to the ectatic channels containing clear fluid.
But the lymphangiomas often grow back after surgery, and patients also risk permanent injury as surgeons work around the delicate nerves responsible for facial expressions.
Cystic lymphangiomas are rare congenital masses which are thought to be caused by failure of developing lymphatic tissue to establish a normal communication with the remainder of the lymphatic system.
Lymphangioma is a benign tumor of the spleen involving the lymphatic endothelium.
The differential diagnosis in this case includes cellulitis, particularly preseptal or orbital cellulitis, sarcoidosis, thyroid ophthalmopathy, rheumatologic disorders, idiopathic orbital inflammatory syndrome (IOIS) (also known as orbital pseudotumor), metastatic disease (particularly with the patient's history of breast cancer), and tumors, including neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, lymphangioma, liposarcoma, and lymphoma.
We report the case of a young woman with appendicular pain caused by a cystic lymphangioma of the right iliac fossa: a rare but possible differential diagnosis.
Initial clinical research confirmed that in pate malignant tumor and lymphangioma of the chest and abdomen, swainsonine has obviously curative effects (Goss et al.
Of these entities, lymphangioma is an uncommon lesion in adults.