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An abnormal mass of lymphatic vessels.
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a tumor of the lymphatic vessels.

Most lymphangiomas represent defects of development. They may be localized in any part of the body and its organs and tissues, but they are found most often in the neck, skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, or retroperitoneal space (less frequently, in the liver, spleen, or kidneys). They appear as soft swellings of various dimensions in the skin or subcutaneous tissue and seem to disappear when pressed. Lymphangiomas grow slowly. They become inflamed readily. Treatment is surgical.

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Lymphangioma circumscriptum (LC) or microcystic lymphatic malformation is a hamartomatous malformation of the lymphatic channels of the skin.
Lymphangioma-like KS may resemble other benign lymphatic tumors such as lymphangioma circumscriptum or a lymphangioendothelioma/acquired progressive lymphangioma.
HISTOPATHOLOGY: Lymphangioma circumscriptum is composed of numerous dilated lymphatics in the superficial and papillary dermis.