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At first, when the researchers set the MRI to see blood vessels, the dura lit up brightly, and they could not see any signs of the lymphatic system.
There's no cure for lymphoedema but it's usually possible to control the main symptoms using techniques to minimise fluid build-up and stimulate the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system.
Secondary lymphoedema is due to the obstruction of the lymphatic system caused by trauma, surgical intervention, invasive tumours, radiotherapy or filarial infestation (parasitic worms that affect the human connective and lymphatic tissue) (Menz.
Lymphangiomas arise from incomplete development and obstruction of the normal lymphatic system during the sixth week of embryogenesis.
Understand the difference between treating lymphedema as a condition, and the advanced concepts of treating acute trauma of the lymphatic system as it relates to other body systems in the healing processes of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
Also known as lymphosarcoma, this disease is a malignant cancer typically affecting the entire lymphatic system, which can involve the lymph nodes and also the lymphoid cells that are distributed throughout the body--in the chest cavity, kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, brain and spinal cord.
The primary function of the lymphatic system is to provide an immune defense.
Primary lymphoedema develops as a result of a fault within the lymphatic system itself and can affect anyone of any age.
Rebounding, however, stimulates the lymphatic system more efficiently than most forms of aerobic exercise.
The Lebed Method leads participants through movements specifically designed in particular order to stimulate the optimum flow of the lymphatic system and the reduction of lymphedema.
And for good reason: bouncing lifts your spirits, elevates your heart rate, boosts your lymphatic system, is easy on your joints, leaves you feeling wonderfully grounded, and can be done anywhere, no matter how small the room.
But again some techniques were new to me, as my therapist Laura Marshall cleansed my body by stimulating the circulation and the lymphatic system through waves of touch and intermittent pressure.