machine finish

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smooth machine finish, machine finish, smooth finish, smooth planer finish

A finish on a stone surface, produced by a planer with a smooth-edged cutting tool that shaves without plucking; tool marks, if evident, are removed by a carborundum wheel, by hand scraping, etc.
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The Just 4 You program offers the possibility to create your favorite espresso machine finished in animal safe leather.
``It's fantastic to see the machine finished. My goal was always to start my own business,''he said.
As opposed to conventional hermetic connectors, which use glass, ceramic, and metal parts, Victrex explains, the SealConnect features a single Victrex PEEK-HT polymer component, which is injection molded and machine finished to meet precise tolerances.
Neill Whiston's new Fruit Machine finished fifth, a single point ahead of Envy which was having her first race for owner Anthony Dickson after sailing as Barking Mad in Hamilton Island.
Additionally, RD300 tools are completely machine finished, a process that holds the keenness of the blade through multiple re-tool processes unlike hand finished blades.
WITH an elegant art deco inspired stage, billowing vintage style and a majestic harp and tribal drums, Florence and the Machine finished off the UK leg of their tour at the Metro Radio Arena with sophistication.
Our first prototype, fully machine finished die was shipped in April 1999.
Machine-glazed kraft paper is a specially coated machine finished paper with a smooth surface.
The company is offering two separate products: Jetlaser Duoface, an uncoated machine finished paper for multifunctional information labeling, and Raflasilk Duoface, a multipurpose label paper.