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1. machines, machine parts, or machine systems collectively
2. a particular machine system or set of machines
3. literary devices used for effect in epic poetry

What does it mean when you dream about machinery?

To know the inner workings of something indicates that attention is being paid to the details of self and others. If one dreams of functioning like a piece of machinery, then the person’s self-image or a relationship may be in need of repair.


(mechanical engineering)
A group of parts or machines arranged to perform a useful function.


A group of parts arranged to perform a useful function. Normally some of the parts are capable of motion; others are stationary and provide a frame for the moving parts. The terms machine and machinery are so closely related as to be almost synonymous; however, machinery has a plural implication, suggesting more than one machine. Common examples of machinery include automobiles, clothes washers, and airplanes; machinery differs greatly in number of parts and complexity.

Some machinery simply provides a mechanical advantage for human effort. Other machinery performs functions that no human being can do for long-sustained periods. See Machine, Mechanical engineering, Simple machine