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[Irish,=son], element in names derived from Irish and Scottish Gaelic patronymics. In most of these names the second element was a forename (e.g., Macdonald, in various spellings). Other names included titles or epithets (e.g., McIntosh [son of the chief]). Notions that some forms of the prefix are more typically Scottish or Irish are fallacious. Some of the names, however, have typical local distribution; thus, McLeod is Hebridean, McSweeney is especially Irish. See OO,
15th letter of the alphabet. It is a usual symbol for a mid-back, rounded vowel, rather like the first part of oi. Such a vowel was represented by omicron [Gr.,=little o], its formal and positional correspondent in the Greek alphabet.
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; namename.
Personal identifying names are found in every known culture, and they often pass from one language to another. Hence the occurrence of Native American place names throughout the United States and the occurrence among American families of names of various linguistic origins
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(computer science)




Early system on Ferranti Mercury. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).




(1) (Mac) See Macintosh.

(2) (MAC) See MAC layer, MAC address, moves-adds-changes and mandatory access control.

(3) (Message Authentication Code) A number computed from the contents of a text message that is used to prove the integrity of a message. The MAC is a checksum that is computed using an algorithm based on the DES or AES ciphers, which use a secret key. The MAC is then sent with the message. The recipient recomputes the MAC at the other end using the same algorithm and secret key and compares it to the one that is sent. If they are the same, it is assumed that the message has not been tampered with.

A MAC is like a digital signature, except that a secret key is used rather than a private key. Also known as the U.S. Government Standard Data Authentication Code (FIPS PUB 113). See digital signature, cryptography and DES.

(4) (Multiplexed Analogue Components) A variety of video formats in which luminance and colors are interleaved one after the other (time multiplexed). Although the video is analog, most of the MAC formats use digital audio. See HD-MAC.

(5) (Mission Assurance Category) See DOD cyberspace glossary.

(6) (Medicare Administrative Contractor) See healthcare IT.
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Perez's ties to Mack, he said, were well-known, dating from a undercover drug buy that turned confrontational and resulted in Mack shooting and killing the armed buyer.
The bandit typically approaches a bank teller, brandishes a handgun and gives the employee a note demanding $100 and $50 bills, Mack said.
Mack radioed for help and then took off after the suspects.
Until his consultation with Goldberg, Mack has been forbidden from driving as well.
Last month, it was revealed that Mack had given Governor George Pataki use of his private jet to fly to the developer's Vrigin Islands vacation home.
Telogis utilizes proprietary Mack data, including driver and vehicle performance history, for the initial Mack Fleet Management Services offer.
Morrison, with more than 20 years of Alaska automotive and equipment experience, joined CMI in 2010 as the Mack Truck sales and product representative.
Mack targeted two widely separated fields: medical molding, which made up less than 1% of its business at the time, and molding very large "mega-parts" with highly cosmetic surfaces.
Through the eCAP program, August Mack identified several areas for improvement and, with approval from The Kroot Corp.
In an interview at their Santa Monica home, Mack said that, over the years, he's seen a lot of movies about families that are idealistic but probably not realistic for some kids.
That was in June, when Mack left after three years because the Credit Suisse board would not back his plan to merge with a rival such as Bank of America or Barclays.
Mack was appointed chairman in 1996 by Governor George E.