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Painting in dyes of pomegranate rind, myrobalan, turmeric, black, catechu, babul bark, goran bark, madder and indigo with alum as mordant; 158 x 194 cm.
While the expression 'redcoat' conjures up an image of the British Revolutionary War soldier, the use of madder root as a dye was not a British invention.
More than 3,500 years ago, people in Asia and the Middle East first boiled madder roots to color fabrics in vivid oranges, reds and pinks.
Mick Madder, of the Coventry and North Warwickshire Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said: "The atmosphere has been fantastic.
OK, it's a crazy idea but is it any madder than the sheikhs building their property empire on sand and our gobshites constructing housing estates on flood plains?
This tale of a seemingly-devoted family man being madder than a bag of spanners was better than last week's offering of a seemingly-devoted husband being madder than a bag of spanners but not much.
Tamika Whitmore, she's going to be more focused than she's ever been, and Phillips will be madder than she's ever been,'' Sparks forward DeLisha Milton said.
The music is harder than hard and the people are madder than mad.
In the new research, Leona identified a brilliant and well-known red dye, known as madder lake, by using the silver nanoparticles.
IN case there's any doubt that Americans are madder than a bag of whippets, here's proof.
Louise Madder, of The Riddings, Earlsdon, Coventry, has the task of setting up the casks and tasting the beer before connecting ale casks to pumps.
The God-like genius that is Ian Brown returns, madder and badder than ever.