made ground

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made ground, made-up ground

1. Solid ground formed by filling in an artificial or natural pit with hard rubble such as broken brick, concrete, etc., or with rubbish.
2.See fill, 1.
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Caton made ground up the left again, and pulled the ball back low into the middle where Thompson was waiting to bury a left-foot shot on the turn into the bottom corner.
Western Approaches made ground beating AFC Masons 5-1 with goals from Shaun Smith (2), Gary Smith, Austin and Boyle.
The landfilled made ground below a section of road was of such poor quality that CBR values of 0% were not uncommon.
The fourth, fifth and sixth also came from rear, but US Army Ranger impressed in the way he made ground from two furlongs out to get within half a length of the winner and has shown the greater improvement than the pair he split.
In stoppage time Andre Green made ground from the left and crossed for Abdo whose his shot was held by Lincoln.
James O'Connor made ground from the resulting kick-off, leading to man-ofthe-match Lawson to score his fifth try and what turned out to be the winner.
DCC are seeking suppliers of a flexible interlocking articulated precast concrete revetment mattress product, suitable to be used for sloped revetment as coastal defence, to be installed on made ground between the promenade and beach (with an approx.
Adult and Immature insects used to suck fluid and in the meantime, these insects made ground for other insects to attack the affected cotton flower.
Aswad Thomas made ground down the flank and Rodman thumped home with a side-footed volley.
This bloody air campaign, during which crude explosive-filled barrels have been used, according to NGOs and activists, comes at a time the Syrian regime forces have made ground during the last period under the international silence, according to analysts.
It was a day when we could have made ground up on the teams above us and we didn't.
But Barkers hit back with a Tom Stokes' penalty and from the restart Mark Croxford made ground and Rob Knox took advantage to score under the posts, Stokes converting for 15-15.