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meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetables baked with a crust of pastry, or pastry shells filled with custard or pudding. The pies of the Romans, especially at banquets in the days of the empire, were often elaborate concoctions, such as the showpieces in which were enclosed
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But OY's attempt only served to confuse and made mincemeat out of the libretto.
American boxer "Terrible" Tim Witherspoon made mincemeat of him three years earlier in a tilt at the world crown.
Ireland captain O'Driscoll has made mincemeat of the world's best during his 11-year, 100-Test international career.
TEAMS have made mincemeat of Celtic in the Europa League and that makes Hamburg a tasty bet tonight.
Strauss made mincemeat of a Duckworth/Lewis target of 135 from 20 overs following some heavy rain and England won by nine wickets.
Once again advances in technology ran roughshod over existing law, as the move to digital technology made mincemeat of Article 52 of the European Patent Convention.
Durability over the week proved to be typical Benchmade--it took whatever was dished out and made mincemeat of it.
In the women's open, Mai Tateyama made mincemeat of Qatar's Rawdhqa Al Abdulla.
AUDIENCES OF STEVEN SPIELBERG'S SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER, War of the Worlds, saw life imitating art in September as a helpless nation watched television images of millions of homeless and devastated Americans caught in the wake of monstrous forces that made mincemeat out of their homes and towns--and of the government forces assigned to protect and rescue them.
RAI's historic soccer epic "Il Grande Torino" (The Great Turin) generated more ratings magic than "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" on Mediaset's Canale 5, and its Sicilian cop saga "II Commissario Montalbano" made mincemeat of Mediaset's costume romancer "Elisa di Rivombrosa," Italy's top-rated drama in 2004.
He sicced his best reporters on the case, and they made mincemeat of their target.
Milosevic, a lawyer, has defended himself, and "has made mincemeat out of the Prosecutors' case by himself," contends Malic.