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Maelstrom lets thrill seekers swing more than 20 feet off the ground in suspended seats at more than 20mph.
Leven, in The Intimacy Maelstrom, penetratingly paints in vivid colors, a picture of tormented lives entangled in passionate but toxic, perverted, unhealthy relationships.
It was an assured and thoughtful debut and offers some hope that China can perhaps see beyond the all-consuming maelstrom of its current Great Leap Forward.
In the end the Professor and his companions escape; the Nautilus sinks into the Maelstrom, its final fate unknown.
While Hunter did indeed forecast the maelstrom of legalistic innovations that lay ahead, what uniquely redounds to Leishman's credit is the sheer tenacity with which he has charted and denounced every obtuse.
Is there any intrinsic connection between the world of contemplation and the maelstrom of modern action?
Aitken knows how to stir a heap of irresolution and leave you wanting more--feeling, despite the emotional maelstrom, oddly pleased to be so absolutely in the present.
Austere and absorbing, Escape is a convincing descent into a maelstrom of anguish and, ultimately, deadly despair.
Each victim has some connection to Maggie McCarthy, who only wanted to live in peace; now she is absorbed into a maelstrom of vicious conflict and the mind of a tortured killer.
LONG BEACH - To the uninitiated eye, the sport of water polo can be baffling at best - a cacophony of whistles, a maelstrom of nonstop motion and indecipherable signals by referees that look like handshakes for secret clubs.
Unlike visible light, radio waves can penetrate dust at the Milky Way's core, providing a window on the black hole's maelstrom of activity.
The next, he was seizing his chance to escape in the maelstrom of a fierce gun battle - and on his way back to freedom.