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(mē`nădz), in Greek and Roman religion and mythology, female devotees of Dionysus. They roamed mountains and forests, adorned with ivy and skins of animals, waving the thyrsus. When they danced, they often worked themselves into an ecstatic frenzy, during which they were capable of tearing wild animals to pieces with their bare hands. The maenads were also called (for Bacchus) bacchantes or bacchae.


See R. S. Kraemer, Maenads, Martyrs, Matrons, Monastics (1988).

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We first learn of Dionysos from the Asiatic maenads of the chorus who have been initiated by the god; then by two old men of Thebes who stress the universal importance of the god.
While there are pictorial representations of Maenads and Satyrs handling serpents, there is little if any linguistic narrative discussion of handling serpents among the Dionysaic and Sabazin mystery cults.
Gods such as Pan and Dionysus have not been represented yet and introducing the "wild" cult of the Maenads and the Satyrs could offer another occasion to deal with the theme of religion-or the lack of it--that has been repeatedly developed in both Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans.
Torn to pieces by a group of maenads, Orpheus is dismembered and his limbs strewn throughout nature.
The ornaments on the boxes and throughout the building portray various themes--details from our most beautiful woodcarving in the Church of St Spas (Holy Savior), the mosaics of Heraclea, the terracotta icons of Vinica, masks, reliefs, maenads, muses, etc.
and midnight, BBCA) An old man asks Jason to find his missing daughter who was taken by the Maenads, fanatical worshipers of the god Dionysus.
Here Hughes compares Dracula and his vampire women to Dionysus and his Maenads.
When an old man asks them to find his missing daughter, their fortunes seem set to improve but she has been taken by the Maenads, fanatical worshippers of the god Dionysus.
When an old man asks them to find his missing daughter things seem on the up, but it soon becomes clear that their task isn't going to be an easy one: she has been taken by the Maenads, fanatical worshippers of the god Dionysus.
I must also mention the Nine Muses, the Three Graces, Bacchus, the Maenads, the Panthers, the Fauns, and I owe very hearty thanks to Apollo.
At 940, he promises Pentheus he will be satisfied, once he has seen ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) how chaste the Maenads are.
1909), for example, ladies of all ages and stations behave like Maenads driven wild by his on-screen sexual magnetism.