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a distinguished music teacher, conductor, or musician


A northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer, in the Adriatic, most frequently on the western shore; it is also found on the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia.


(1) (Maestro NT) An earlier name for scheduling software for Windows NT from Tivoli Systems, Inc. When IBM acquired Tivoli in 1996, the program was renamed IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.

(2) (Budget Maestro) Business planning and analysis software for Windows from Centage Corporation, Natick, MA ( Centage purchased this flagship product from Planet Corporation in 2002 and made it the centerpiece of its turnkey financial management solutions.

(3) (NFS Maestro Gateway) Software from Hummingbird Connectivity, a division of Open Text Corporation, Toronto, Ontario ( that lets Windows clients access files on Unix servers via NFS.
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Maestro Health delivers a platform that meets needs of employers, employees, brokers and carriers with flexible solutions designed and unified on a tech-meets-service platform so customers can customise their own HR suite.
Con aires de gran reformador declaro: "La reforma educativa quita el monopolio a las normales para que solo sus egresados sean maestros.
Por cierto, el maestro ama su actividad por lo que es en si misma, y le agrada mostrar lo que sabe y mostrarlo a su manera frente a aquellos que no saben.
Maestro Wireless Solutions, a Telefield International (Holdings) company (HKEx:1143), offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless solutions and integration services for the M2M and industrial markets, ranging from off-the-shelf, generic easy to use devices, to specific and optimised OEM integration.
Tras la firma de ese acuerdo entre las partes, el maestro de la obra era el encargado maximo de los aspectos constructivos del templo, como se especifica en la documentacion de la catedral de Sevilla en 1546 cuando el maestro mayor era el vasco Martin de Gainza.
Un representante de la Asociacion de Maestros del Estado de Texas (Texas State Teachers Association), Noel Candelaria, dio a conocer cual es la posicion de los maestros en este asunto.
So why should Sparta Maestro reverse placings this time?
Their industry expertise and focus in the M2M marketplace make them a natural fit for offering our quick-to-market and proven solutions," said Olivier Bernard, Maestro Wireless' Vice-President of Business Development.
Before embarking on the specifics, Maestro prepares the reader with an extensive vocabulary lesson, for be utilizes many technical words when presenting his ideas.
The DM2 study is an ongoing feasibility study of the Maestro System in obese patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Dear Maestro, you have offered to me and to all of us a precious gift, preparing the program in which you wisely situated a choice of masterpieces by the 'prince' of sacred polyphonic music and some of the works that you yourself have composed.
Music Ace Maestro was specifically designed for professional music educators and combines the 48 music lessons from Music Ace and Music Ace 2 with a new suite of student assessment and curriculum management tools called "Maestro Manager.