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(măgnā`lēəm), alloy of aluminum and about 5% magnesium. Although weak and soft in the elemental state, magnesium alloys with aluminum, manganese, zinc, tin, zirconium, and cerium to produce alloys useful in engineering materials. The strength and hardness of aluminum increases when it is alloyed with such substances as magnesium, manganese, nickel, chromium, zinc, iron, copper, and silicon. Magnalium—lighter and more workable than aluminum—is used in making metal mirrors and scientific instruments.



an aluminum-magnesium alloy characterized by high corrosion resistance, good weldability, and high ductility. As a rule, magnalium readily lends itself to mechanical working and polishing. Magnalium is classified into two categories: cast magnalium and wrought magnalium. Cast magnalium (4-13 percent Mg) is used in the manufacture of mold castings, while wrought magnalium (1-7 percent Mg) is used in the production of sheets, wires, and other articles. Magnalium exhibits reduced casting properties. Cast magnalium has a relatively high strength [tensile strength σv up to 340-80 MN/m2 (34-38 kgf/mm2) at relative elongation δ up to 10-20 percent]. Wrought magnalium is included in the category of low- and medium-strength alloys [σv = 80-340 MN/m2 (8-34 kgf/ mm2), δ = 20-40 percent]. It is used as a construction material (welded structures, rivets) and a decorative material.

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The phones are available in both silver and gold; the case is made with magnalium.
But in recent decades, firework-makers have found success with a magnesium-aluminum alloy called magnalium.
html) called magnalium that produces a true blue and can add a fluorescent glow to other colors as well.
1989 Geely entered the advanced decoration material industry and manufactured the first magnalium bent board in China