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(măgnē`zhə), two ancient cities of Lydia, W Asia Minor (now W Turkey). They were colonies of the Magnetes, a tribe of E Thessaly. One city (Magnesia ad Maeandrum), SE of Smyrna (Izmir), was later colonized by Ionians and given by Artaxerxes I to Themistocles, who died there. There are important ruins on the site, including the celebrated temple of Artemis Leucophryene, built in the 2d cent. B.C. Magnesia ad Sipylum, on the Hermus River at the foot of Mt. Sipylus, NE of Smyrna, was (190 B.C.) the scene of the defeat of Antiochus III (Antiochus the Great) by the Romans. The modern ManisaManisa
, city (1990 pop. 158,283), capital of Manisa prov., W Turkey. It is a rail junction and the market center of a rich agricultural region. Mineral deposits are nearby.
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 is nearby.


common name for the chemical compound magnesium oxide, MgO. It occurs as colorless, cubic crystals. It is refractory, melting at about 2,800°C;. It is very slightly soluble in pure water but is soluble in acids and solutions of ammonium salts. The magnesia of commerce is a fine white powder used in soaps, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and as a filler in rubber goods. Magnesia is used to make crucibles and other ceramic goods. Crude magnesia is prepared by roasting dolomite (calcium magnesium double carbonate) or magnesite (magnesium carbonate). Pure magnesia is prepared by refining the crude product. Magnesia is also extracted from seawater. It occurs in nature as the mineral periclase.


(inorganic chemistry)
Magnesium oxide that is processed for a particular purpose.


A fine white powder of magnesium oxide; gives brick a yellow tint.
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As well as the Magnesia Bank it currently also owns the Maltings in South Shields, where it continues to brew using a smaller 16,000-pint-a-week plant, the Isis in Sunderland, and Jarrow's Robin Hood Inn.
The new Roskill report analyses the likely effects of these new capacities on global magnesia supply and demand, providing forecasts to 2018 for each region by main market.
The company's magnesia and standard and fine Zirconia are used in heating appliances and steel and component production.
The lightly burned magnesia is made from magnesium carbonate, a material for black lime, a fertilizer.
The magnesia reacts with alumina to form a spinel phase which results in a tougher mineral that withstands the forces associated with high pressure grinding.
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC manufactures an extensive range of magnesia-based products used in industrial, environmental, water treatment, flame retardant, plastic and rubber, specialty and agricultural applications.
It said: "Despite our best efforts, The Magnesia Bank will remain closed until an installation date can be arranged with the gas and electric companies.
April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- PLS Logistics Services announces that is has entered into an agreement with Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC to manage all of the inbound and outbound magnesium hydroxide slurry rail shipments at the company's Manistee, MI location.
Amber Shield, 17, began a modern apprenticeship in food and hospitality after landing a waitressing job with the Magnesia Bank in North Shields.
They retard cure, and for that reason, magnesia and thiurams are used with amine accelerators in the cure systems, Akrofax 9970 white is the standard grade without mineral oil.
The company's chief executive Bob Hughes said the group had been hit hard by a global downturn in demand for its magnesia products.
The deal includes Martinswerk's manufacturing facilities and headquarters in Bergheim, and its 50% stake in Magnifin Magnesia Produkte GmbH, a leading producer of magnesium hydroxide FR agents in Austria.