magnetic induction

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magnetic induction

See magnetic flux density.
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Magnetic Induction


also magnetic flux density (B), a fundamental characteristic of magnetic fields.

In the International System of Units, the unit of magnetic induction is the tesla (T), and in the cgs system, the gauss (G) (1 T = 104 G). Magnetometers used for measuring magnetic induction are called fluxmeters.

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magnetic induction

[mag′ned·ik in′dək·shən]
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Dependency of transformer losses on the ripple of magnetic induction.
The C-scan contour image of defect 4 in the direction of magnetic induction flux is shown in Figure 10, whilst the C-scan contour image of defect 4 in the direction of exciting current is shown in Figure 11.
In measuring a wedge cut, terahertz compares favourably to established methods such as microscopy and magnetic induction. Caption: Typical auto paint finishes consist of several insulating layers, which as yet could only be measured individually using destructive methods.
where p is the pressure, v the kinematic viscosity of the fluid, [B.sub.0] the magnitude of the magnetic induction. Using J = [sigma](E + v x B), we have:
These properties have no transformation with the magnetic induction intensity varying.
This implies that the cluster size of water can be varied according to the applied magnetic induction. According to the experimental and theoretical data given by Toledo et al.
Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) is a nondestructive, soft field imaging technique for mapping the distribution of passive electromagnetic properties (e.g., electrical conductivity) of an object under investigation [1,2].
Complying with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) medium-power specification for magnetic induction charging, the P9240 transmitter and P9022A receiver operate together to deliver 10 W of power.
IDT's magnetic induction transmitter and receiver solutions were chosen by 4MOD Technology to develop its wireless charging system, compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.1 Qi specification.
Kube Systems deployed the IDT P9036, a highly integrated single-chip Wireless Power Consortium-compliant (Qi standard) transmitter, for its magnetic induction charging stations found in Marriott Hotels from coast to coast.
The iron's magnetic induction lagged behind the force applied to it.