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Although the optimized magnetic intensity obtained for small animal studies must be extrapolated to larger animals, the researchers concluded that "taken together, our results show that magnetic retention of labeled particles is a promising cell therapy for delivery in TBI with potential for clinical translation."
Irving said NWA 7325 has a lower magnetic intensity - the magnetism passed from a cosmic body's magnetic field into a rock - than any other rock yet found.
NWA 7325 has a lower magnetic intensity and data collected from NASA's Messenger spacecraft, which is orbiting Mercury, suggests that the planet's low magnetism resembles that found in NWA 7325, Irvin said.
When the normal magnetic intensity level for the Fraser River shifted to the north, the sockeye were more likely to choose a northern route for their return, the scientists found.
The company is awaiting complete results and analysis, but an initial review has identified three high magnetic intensity areas over a one kilometre distance, with the largest area having a magnetic intensity greater than 78,000 nanoTeslas over an ellipsoidal surface area of approximately 750 metres by 750 metres.
The southern part of the area is part of the middle Benue Trough and is underlain by Cretaceous sedimentary rocks (Awgu shale and Lafia formation) and thus exhibited low (highly negative) magnetic intensity, whereas the Pre-Cambrian basement rocks (migmatites, gneisses and older granites) and Jurassic younger granites occupied the northern portion of the area and hence had high (positive) magnetic intensity.
It's possible that these two magnetic sensors work together--the iron in their beaks seems to measure magnetic intensity, while the cryptochromes seem to be about the direction of the field.
The crushed samples were subjected to dry low intensity magnetic separation (LIMS) followed by higher intensity rare earth magnetic separation (REMS) at a magnetic intensity of 1000 gauss and 6000 gauss respectively.
This anomaly continues, with a more diffuse boundary and slightly lower magnetic intensity of between 13-15 nT above background down river (Fig 3, feature M2).
It's well known[2-6] that for each point around one coil ,the vector of magnetic intensity [bar.H] can be calculated according to Fig.
The actor, who was 34 at the time, also brought ascintillating magnetic intensity to the role which not only captivated Baby, but had young girls across the world swooning with the first blush of passion.
We investigated the effect of magnetic intensity at the probe surface on the potentiometric responses of the immunoassay system.