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The self-cleaning units will discharge the magnetic material either off to the side of the conveyor or forward of the base material trajectory.
Magnetic materials are indispensable to modern industrial society.
Production of FN tags starts with a reel of soft magnetic material, one micron thick coated onto a carrier, usually polyester or a release liner.
Reading occurs when a low-power laser beam is focused on the thin-film magnetic material in a track.
Probing magnetic materials with extreme ultraviolet radiation allows to obtain a detailed microscopic picture of how magnetic systems interact with light the fastest way to manipulate a magnetic material.
[Fe.sub.40][Ni.sub.38][Mo.sub.4][B.sub.18] (Metglas2826MB) amorphous alloy was the earliest magnetic material [6, 7] applied to the acoustomagnetic antitheft label and received a lot of attentions and debates.
A method of analyzing the fine structure of a magnetic material. In a computer simulation, if the magnetic material is divided into regions the size of a few atoms, the computing time is enormous.
The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator is one part of a metal separation process where overband magnets, drum magnets and magnetic pulleys remove ferrous and strongly magnetic material prior to an Eddy Current Separator that recovers non-ferrous metals.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology modified the properties of a magnetic material by using nanotechnology, which has many applications in various industries.
This phenomenon weakens the hysteresis of the magnetic material, which is beneficial to the property of low loss that RF on-chip inductors require.
In a magnetic material the intrinsic magnetic moment or spin of the electrons arrange in an organized fashion.
When dealing with flux lines and transformers, two laws of physics are particularly significant: 1) each magnetic material has a limit on how many flux lines it can handle, and 2) the lower the operating frequency, the more flux lines are generated.