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This speaker, with a modern and singular design, has the best sound-to-weight ratio among existing portable Bluetooth speakers on the market due to its utilization of a newly introduced speaker technology called "Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology.
Trotsky was everything that Stalin detested: a cosmopolitan card intellectual; a magnetic speaker and a (very) latecomer to orthodox Leninist Bolshevism.
In addition, he also made the first full-range, push-pull planar magnetic speaker system (one of these was reviewed by me in issue 94), and the first flat-panel computer/multimedia speaker.
A magnetic speaker and astute business man, he probably was the first major college coach to combine a head coaching job with a job in industry -- spokesman for an automobile company.
NeoPlanar is a thin film planar magnetic speaker which features high output with exceptional clarity.
single-ended), full- range magnetic speaker that I know of, and his
We are also discussing the extension of the license to include our complementary NeoPlanar(R) thin film magnetic speaker technology.
NeoPlanar, (Planar Magnetic Transducer technology, or PMT), an ultra-thin, high-output magnetic speaker acquired by American Technology in 2000, was demonstrated in a cinema-style format from the stage and in an automobile stereo installation outside the theater.
We also announced our acquisition of important new planar magnetic speaker technology.