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Proposed magnetostratigraphy susceptibility magnetostratotype for the Eifelian-Givetian GSSP (Anti-Atlas, Morocco).
According to the magnetostratigraphy, the time of deposition of this sequence is in the range of 4.3-3.3 Ma.
Also, multiple mammal taxa from the Beaver Pond site (e.g., horse and badger) compare well with a Late Neogene mammal assemblage from the Yushe Basin of northeastern China (Tedford and Harington, 2003), dated using magnetostratigraphy to 5.5-4.5 Ma (Tedford et al., 1991).
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There are seven chapters: introduction; rock magnetism; magnetostratigraphy; time series analysis for cyclostratigraphy; Milankovitch forcing theory; case studies of rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy; doing rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy.
The stratigraphic age for these continental dinosaur-bearing localities has traditionally been provided by stratigraphic correlation with marine series (Ardevol et al., 2000) and magnetostratigraphy (Galbrun et al., 1993), together with the use of various biostratigraphic markers (charophytes, palynomorphs, rudists; Feist and Colombo, 1983; Medus et al., 1992; Riveline et al., 1996; Vicens et al., 2004).
However, the position of the Evangeline Member assemblage in the lower part of the basin section, well below strata dated as Norian based on magnetostratigraphy (see below), and below the position of the boundary between TS II and TS III, suggests a Carnian age.
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The Pinjor Formation of the type area in the Chandigarh region has been dated from 2.48 0.63 Ma by magnetostratigraphy (Kumaravel et al.
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