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The strength characteristic of the composite material is affected insignificantly by implanted piezoelectric or magnetostrictive sensor lines [3, 4, 5].
An excellent magnetostrictive material discovered by Clark in 1970s was called Terfenol-D, a specially formulated compound of terbium, dysprosium, and iron.
consultancy services in magnetostrictive devices, including innovating,
Some examples of specific topics include measurements of strain in ceramic components using magnetostrictive delay line, magnetomechanical properties of terfenol-D composites, shape memory assemblies using ultrasonic welding, formation of metal silicide nanodots on ultrathin SiO2 for floating gate application, structure and shape memory effect in annealed Ni-Ti-Co strip produced by twin roll casting technique, differential magnetoelastic compressive force sensor utilizing two amorphous alloy ring cores, elastomers containing fillers with magnetic properties, texture analysis of hot rolled Ni-Mn-Ga alloys, and magnetic field analysis for magnetron sputtering apparatus for accurate composition control.
of Cary, North Carolina USA, announces that its magnetostrictive Temposonics linear-position sensors are now available with a faster update-rate option that allows for measurements every 100 microseconds.
Nickel is also a naturally magnetostrictive material, meaning that in the presence of a magnetic field, the material undergoes a small change in length (2).
Our findings indicate that the piezoelectric surgery device provides better cutting efficacy than ultrasonic devices that involve magnetostrictive technology, which converts most of the generated energy into heat.
This inherent capability of magnetostrictive linear position sensors to provide multiple axis feedback along the same plane of motion is said to make them ideal for applications such as injection molding machines, slitters, winders, multi-platen presses and machine tools, according to the manufacturer.
Early smart material applications started with magnetostrictive technologies.
The R-Series Synchronous Serial encoder (SSI) Interface position sensor combines design and manufacturing enhancements resulting in a fast and accurate magnetostrictive position sensor.
Company has enhanced its E-Series of Temposonics[R] magnetostrictive position sensors by adding a gradient upload capability to its digital pulse output model EP2.

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