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common name for numerous unrelated trees having light-colored wood, e.g., the tulip tree (see magnoliamagnolia,
common name for plants of the genus Magnolia, and for the Magnoliaceae, a family of deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs, often with showy flowers. They are principally of north temperate regions with centers of distribution in Asia and E North America.
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), the lindenlinden,
common name for the Tiliaceae, a family of chiefly woody shrubs and trees. Most genera are tropical, but the genus Tilia, commonly called linden, or lime tree, in Europe and Asia and basswood in North America, is found throughout the north temperate zone.
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, and the cottonwood (see willowwillow,
common name for some members of the Salicaceae, a family of deciduous trees and shrubs of worldwide distribution, especially abundant from north temperate to arctic areas.
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1. A soft, close-textured durable wood, yellowish in color; used for millwork and veneer.
2. A rose-colored, very hard wood from Brazil; esp. used for inlay work.
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1. any of various trees with light-coloured wood, such as the tulip tree, basswood, and cottonwood
2. the wood of any of these trees
3. another name for mahoe
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Defence barrister Stephen Jeary, said Mahoe felt he earned the money through hard labour.
Chief among these is blue mahoe, a tree that produces an unusual blue-grained wood and matures considerably more quickly than mahogany, reaching commercial size in around 15 years.
'The mahoe have been much more successful than the mahogany,' Silverstone tells me.
Richards (1973) found adults under mats of Muehlenbeckia complexa on the ground on Little Barrier Island, while Gibbs & McIntyre (1997) found them above ground under loose bark of kanuka and inside cavities in mahoe (Melicytus ramiflorus) and pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa).
Of weta that were observed, the average distance to the nearest food plant was 60 cm (range: 5-180 cm) and these plants were frequently kohekohe (42%) or mahoe (35%).
The majority seen feeding were consuming the leaves of kohekohe (37%), mahoe (29%), and Coprosma grandifolia (14%).
Winning students include Kelly Barela and Kaleiohao Mahoe, Clear Lake Elementary School; Joseph Bryan, Page Elementary School, Springfield; Jordan Colburn, Lily Cuyler, Hazel Hering, Aidan James, Toby Pasman, Lena Schultz and Callie Silvers-Harnly, Drinking Gourd School; Nicole Duval, Katie Fortuna and Nicole Miller, Gilham Elementary School; Erica Huber, Mount Vernon Elementary School, Springfield; Andrea Kidder, Edgewood Elementary School; and Brandon Nelson, Trent Primary School, Pleasant Hill.
Thus far 206 persons with 1,518.43 hectares of land have been registered and 13,060 Blue Mahoe, Jamaican Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Cedar, Spanish Elm and Caribbean Pine seedlings have been distributed.
Board of Education Chairman Mitsugi Nakashima dislikes the task force recommendation that the statewide board be abolished and replaced with county boards, saying that it "turns the system upside down without a good rationale for it." HSTA president Sharon Mahoe says her union supports many of the task force's proposals.
Even the Jamaican blue mahoe desk where memorable characters like Goldfinger, Blofeld and Odd Job were conceived is just as it was when the author harvested those fantastic ideas from the fertile plains of his mind.