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1. Horse racing
a. a horse that has never won a race
b. (as modifier): a maiden race
2. Cricket See maiden over


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Triple Goddess is viewed as Maiden, Mother, Crone. In the Maiden aspect, she is considered a virgin, representing youth and innocence, with potential for growth and learning. She is allied with the waxing Moon. As Janet and Stewart Farrar say, "She is the adventurous young flame that banishes indifference and leapfrogs obstacles. . . .She is springtime. . . she is excitement."

Maiden is also the title given to a young Wiccan Priestess who is training to become a coven leader. In a degree system she would be Second Degree, training to eventually take over the position of High Priestess when that lady feels it is time to retire. In this respect, the Gardnerian tradition is criticized for its chauvinism in demanding that a High Priestess retire when she is no longer young and beautiful. The Priestess is a representative of the Goddess, but the Goddess is in three aspects, including the Crone, so many feel that there should be no such pressure. In fact, most women in the position of Maiden are simply training for when they will eventually break away from the mother coven and form their own coven, as a High Priestess in their own right. In family traditions of Witchcraft, the Maiden is usually the daughter of the Priestess.

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In conditions like this if you play maiden overs from this quality of bowlers, they will not give you easy runs.
When the Willington run chase began they struggled against some very tidy bowling, in particular James Harris (2-0) in two maiden overs which also included a run out.
Wadsworth eventually settled on an accurate line, bowling three consecutive maiden overs.
The report said that Mohammed Shami was the most successful Indian bowler, taking three for 68 but India were soon under pressure as Dale Steyn started with two maiden overs to Rohit Sharma, who played and missed at a succession of fast away-swingers.
West Indies played out three consecutive maiden overs, and the pressure got to them in the fourth, when Kieran Powell edged Boult to Dean Brownlie at third slip.
At lunch, Middlesex were 216 for six, 112 short of their target, and Berg came out determined to break the stranglehold of the bowlers who had sent down 15 maiden overs in the morning.
After Cosker had been given first opportunity, Croft waited 28 overs until he was brought into the attack and the veteran bowled three successive maiden overs before lunch.
Anderson, replacing Broad for a fresh spell after bowling four maiden overs in a row from the other end, had Tendulkar caught by Graeme Swann at gully as he drove uppishly.
The visitors scored 196-4 in their 50 overs with Luke Spinetti making 75 not out, Mark Hazelhurst 46 and Mike Pead 20 while Luke Szpadt bowled five maiden overs before conceding a run for Pentyrch and finished with 1-16 off 10 overs.