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1. Horse racing
a. a horse that has never won a race
b. (as modifier): a maiden race
2. Cricket See maiden over


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Triple Goddess is viewed as Maiden, Mother, Crone. In the Maiden aspect, she is considered a virgin, representing youth and innocence, with potential for growth and learning. She is allied with the waxing Moon. As Janet and Stewart Farrar say, "She is the adventurous young flame that banishes indifference and leapfrogs obstacles. . . .She is springtime. . . she is excitement."

Maiden is also the title given to a young Wiccan Priestess who is training to become a coven leader. In a degree system she would be Second Degree, training to eventually take over the position of High Priestess when that lady feels it is time to retire. In this respect, the Gardnerian tradition is criticized for its chauvinism in demanding that a High Priestess retire when she is no longer young and beautiful. The Priestess is a representative of the Goddess, but the Goddess is in three aspects, including the Crone, so many feel that there should be no such pressure. In fact, most women in the position of Maiden are simply training for when they will eventually break away from the mother coven and form their own coven, as a High Priestess in their own right. In family traditions of Witchcraft, the Maiden is usually the daughter of the Priestess.

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The kit consists of the set of curriculum notes, a full score of Maiden Voyage and an accompanying CD.
If you were involved with the maiden voyage, and would like to go aboard, call Aura PR on 0141 337 6712 or 0141 337 6813.
In another stroke of bad luck, the sea trials and maiden voyage of the fitted-out ship were delayed by two weeks when the fitting-out dock was needed to repair Titanic's slightly smaller sister, Oceanic, which was damaged in a collision at sea with a naval ship.
We were delighted to welcome the Women's Organisation on board for our maiden voyage.
It was a sign of things to come, as subsequent launches also failed and the ship's maiden voyage was marred by an explosion which killed five crew members.
Places on the Queen Elizabeth's 13-night cruise to the Canary Islands sold quicker than any other maiden voyage in ship owner Cunard's 170-year history.
It made its maiden voyage at the Food and Drink Festival last September when Mary Brook and her sister Sheila Walshaw tried it out.
Independence is still trying to anchor a buyer for the yacht's maiden voyage, but Fred Barry, president of the company, says all the pieces are in place to build the first model.
Representatives of DP World and MAERSK shipping line held a ceremony aboard the ship to celebrate its maiden voyage to Jebel Ali Port.
The collection debuted on the maiden voyage of the Independence of the Seas cruise ship in May.
Some years ago, the champagne failed to break when the Princess Royal launched the Aurora which later broke down on its maiden voyage.
It's also Rockstar's maiden voyage into the next generation -- yes, the same Rockstar that created the legendary ``Grand Theft Auto'' series.