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maidenhair fern

, maidenhair
any fern of the cosmopolitan genus Adiantum, esp A. capillis-veneris, having delicate fan-shaped fronds with small pale-green leaflets: family Adiantaceae

Maidenhair Fern


(Adiantum), a genus of ferns of the family Polypodiaceae.

The genus is found almost everywhere, but the greatest number of species, about 200, are found in South America. There are two species in the USSR: A. pedatum in the Far East and A. capillus-veneris in the Caucasus, the Crimea, and Middle Asia. A. capillus-veneris is a tender ornamental with double or triple pinnatifid, delicate leaves on long, dark brown petioles. This species and many others are grown in rooms and greenhouses.

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Framing these wildflowers are the vase-like forms of cinnamon fern and the wiry black stems and delicate fronds of maidenhair fern.
Ginkgo Biloba is also called the Maidenhair tree or silver apricot.
The garden includes rogersia, maidenhair ferns, variegated Solomon seal, bigleaf ligularia, clematis, hibiscus, canna lilies, and delphinium.
On the rare occasions that a friend from school was allowed to visit Rosewood, Anna would show her the honey house where her father, Jack, kept his beekeeping gear--a small tin shed squatting on low stumps between the cattle yards and the paddocks; the maidenhair fern and lilly pilly trees along the creek bank; the yabby hole that was the special preserve of Aunt Lily's boys; the lagoon fed by the creek where you could see sky-blue waterlilies, wild ducks and geese, and where the grove of native fig trees grew.
The high-end Trousseau line--which both Adams and Marino said has been a big seller has been updated with pink detailing, while the Maidenhair Fern bedding line has expanded with new color options.
55-65 Button fern Pellaea rotundifolia 60-75 Climbing bird's nest Polypodium punctatum 60-75 fern Creeping moss Selaginella 55-60 Deer's foot fern Davallia canariensis 60-75 Hart's tongue fern Phyllitis 60-75 scolopendrium Holly fern Cyrtomium falcatum 50-75 Holly fern Poloystichum tsus- 55-65 simense Maidenhair fern Adiantum raddianum 65-75 Maidenhair fern Adiantum tenerum 65-75 Palm-leaf fern Blechnum capense 60-64 Rabbit's foot fern Polypodium aureum 55-60 Stag's horn fern Platycerium 60-75 bifurcatum Tree maidenhair Didymochlaena 60-75 truncatula Flowering Plants Achimenes Achimenes 55-60 African violet Saintapaulia ionantha 65-75 Azalea Rhododendron indicum 50-60 Basket vine Aeschynanthus 65-70 Billbergia Billbergia spp.
5m went to Aleksandr Kabakov for his novel entitled Everything Can Be Put Right and RUB1m and third place was awarded to Mikhail Shishkin for his book entitled Maidenhair.
The foliage of meadow rue will remind you of maidenhair fern (Adiantum species).
Their names have survived to this day: lady's mantle, maidenhair fern and marigold are examples.
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