maidenhair fern

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maidenhair fern

, maidenhair
any fern of the cosmopolitan genus Adiantum, esp A. capillis-veneris, having delicate fan-shaped fronds with small pale-green leaflets: family Adiantaceae

Maidenhair Fern


(Adiantum), a genus of ferns of the family Polypodiaceae.

The genus is found almost everywhere, but the greatest number of species, about 200, are found in South America. There are two species in the USSR: A. pedatum in the Far East and A. capillus-veneris in the Caucasus, the Crimea, and Middle Asia. A. capillus-veneris is a tender ornamental with double or triple pinnatifid, delicate leaves on long, dark brown petioles. This species and many others are grown in rooms and greenhouses.

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These growers love the humidity a terrarium provides: Ajuga, club moss (Sela-ginella), Fittonia, Hypoestes, maidenhair fern, miniature African violets and Sinningia, moth orchids (dwarf forms), Peperomia, and prayer plant.
es Also included in the plan are plants such the nationally scarce maidenhair fern and priority habitats such as lowland hay meadows and limestone heath.
The foliage, which appears first, is delicate and dissected, greatly resembling a maidenhair fern.
The ginkgo - known as the maidenhair tree because of its fan-shaped leaves, which resemble those of the the maidenhair fern - was one of the first trees on Earth.
The curious leathery fan-shaped leaves, which are like those of the maidenhair fern, are of interest in summer.
She carried a romantic garden bouquet of cream and blush ranunculus, peonies, anemones, spray roses, and lisianthus accented with stephanotis vine and maidenhair fern.
She carried a bouquet of white hydrangeas, Cyrnbidium orchids, and maidenhair fern.
Sometimes known as the maidenhair tree, as its fan-shaped foliage looks similar to the maidenhair fern, it is also referred to as the fossil tree as ancient leaves have been found dating back 270 million years, placing it in the age of the dinosaurs.
The curious leathery, fan-shaped leaves, which resemble the maidenhair fern, are striking in autumn when they turn from pale green to butter yellow before falling.
Western maidenhair fern (Adiantum aleuticum); Sunset climate zones 1-7, 14-21.
A simple maidenhair fern in an unusual pot or a bouquet divided into groups in small vases will add interest to rooms.