mail chute

mail chute, letter chute

A small shaft for conducting letters from an upper floor to a post-box on the ground floor.
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Home of the literary troublemaker Eloise, famous for pouring water down the mail chute, the hotel has been featured in countless movies, from North by Northwest to Home Alone 2 , and was at one time owned by Donald Trump, who lost it in a bankruptcy.
Walking out his office into the hallway, he pauses by an old-fashioned, brass-framed mail chute, one of the few remnants of the made-over buildings 1923 bones.
Though Buford was already a convicted felon when he was shot, his supporters "say that no matter what police and court officials say, Buford never did anything wrong." Though police found the pistol believed to be used by the youths in a nearby mail chute and though a camera on a nearby building confirmed Wells' account of the incident, the denials of Buford's wrongdoing and culpability go on.
The system sorts each item to the designated mail chute that feeds the mail basket for items to that particular zip code.
The mailman had dropped a book into our mail chute. It was a review copy of The Winning Edge by Cliff Ellis, whose basketball teams at Auburn are beginning to make a lot of noise in the SEC.