mail slot

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mail slot, letter slot

A small opening, often with a hinged closer, which is set in an exterior door, sidelight, etc., and through which mail is delivered.
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He was instructed to leave the package at Scott Taylor's residence -- our office building's mail slot is inaccessible in the evening.
The 480 features a keypad-secured import/export mail slot for secure media exchange.
Junk mail wasn't the most serious crisis in the world, but it was a sign of our consumer culture run amok, a vast paper slick hitting almost every mail slot in the land.
Photocopies and facsimiles of blank forms are allowed so that anyone in a hospital or other entity could obtain one, along with the entity's ID, and submit a false report that would be accepted or send a query and intercept the response at a new address he or she submitted for the entity or from the mail room or mail slot of the correct address.
Stranger things have happened, but as we were going to press last week a middle-aged stranger delivered an anonymous newsletter entitled "The Sacred Cow" to our Whispers mail slot.
A recent survey showed that while traveling, 25 percent of those without Direct Deposit left their pay in their mail slot at work and 19 percent left it in their mailbox at home.
Pay in advance by sending a check to Chaffin Church or by dropping it off in the mail slot at the side door.
Several of the building's original features remain intact and are showcased throughout, like a beautiful 1920s oak Cigar Bar that serves as the hotel's front desk, ornate brass elevator doors, and the original mail slot and chute serving all floors.
As of October 2013 The delivery of the test programs is carried out by delivery of the consignments in a post office or by feeding into a mail slot.
Hass said he knew that Mac's restaurant and lottery receipts were deposited in a mail slot each night after the business closed, Stephens wrote.
Summary: Poised in a pitch-black room, the camera is focussed on the mail slot of an anonymous front door.
At least one American mall has banned Santa from touching children at all - tots used to hand Santa their wish lists but now have to be content to post them through a mail slot.