mail slot

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mail slot, letter slot

A small opening, often with a hinged closer, which is set in an exterior door, sidelight, etc., and through which mail is delivered.
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Lyons has become a student of Barton's time in Washington, and he read in the records she kept for the government that there was so much mail from families looking for soldiers that she had a mail slot carved into the office door.
They are no more information than is a magnet that attracts iron but not plastic or a mail slot through which large packages cannot fit.
But as the postie tried to push the door open from the inside, by putting his hand down the mail slot, his fingers got trapped in an anti-theft device.
Most laid-off employees are reabsorbed into the workplace sooner or later, having undergone in the interim the stress of being without work while the bills continue to pour in through the mail slot.
A month or so after each semester ends, a sealed brown envelope stamped "Confidential" in bright red ink arrives in my school mail slot. I am embarrassed to admit that at the sight of it, my heart pounds.
One Sprint employee was fired in late October 2001 for putting coffee creamer in an envelope and leaving it in another employee's mail slot.
Two college students told of dropping their finals through a mail slot and driving cross-country to join Evans.
Dillaha, Arkansas Department of Health, 4815 West Markham St., Mail Slot 41, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA; fax: 501-661-2055; e-mail:
CD and DVD media can be imported and exported with a mail slot or in bulk with magazines.
You might have picked it up at a bookstore or it might have dropped through your mail slot. Either way, you're engaged in what is now a fairly unremarkable activity.
According to Overland the LoaderXpess is the industry's first autoloader to incorporate a bar code reader, a true mail slot, a removable magazine for bulk loading/unloading of cartridges and a large four-line interactive display with 20 characters per line.
Finally, he arrives at the terrorist's abode, where he flings the package against the door o r tries stuffing it into a mail slot.