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love, simon is so important for the very reason that it's your average teenage cheesy romcom type movie but with a gay main couple it's taking what people think is unnatural n making it so easy, so real?
But Paige and Walter, who serve as the main couple in the series, will soon find their way back into each other's arms.
But like Stef and Lena Adams-Foster, the main couple in Saving Delaney gives you a glimpse of how to keep your boundaries without creating more conflict.
The character of Andrew, the best friend and wedding planner of the main couple in the film, is the most like Boaldin.
The real truth, or at least part of it, has been recorded by the main couple and their friends.
It is the Bosnian side of the film that pulls in the viewer, especially since it gives us a breathing room from the self-indulgent and stifling relationship of the main couple.
But in 1877, the multitude of umbrellas that appeared to have been "freshly taken from the racks" of a department store were visually jarring, threatening to overtake the people carrying them, as an initial critic noted (117-18); the clothing of the main couple was an all-too realistic study in luxury Parisian goods, right down to the woman's delicate earring.
Meanwhile, the other main couple in TOWIE, Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger, are going through a rocky patch after rumours of his infidelity.
The other main couple are photographer Joe, essentially nice but weak, who left his wife and kids for the much younger Nina when she got pregnant, but is now back in the family fold.
The other main couple is photographer Joe, essentially a nice but weak guy who had an affair with Nina, a much younger woman,and ended up leaving his wife and kids when Nina got pregnant.
In one scene, Christmas carolers visit the main couple, and the lead character says he'll get rid of them: ``I'll tell them we're Muslim.
No wonder Ali said goodbye with a timely tribute: "Please big it up for the main couple in Britain.