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During landing gear extension, two green landing lights appeared but the right main landing gear was very slow to illuminate.
Premiere Aviation ( claims that its Speed Covers for the main landing gear of several models of 400-series Cessnas reduce fuel burn 5-10 percent, increase single-engine rate of climb 25 percent and should increase cruise speeds.
"As per preliminary assessment of the aircraft by the Jet Airways engineering team, the right hand main landing gear has been damaged.
The following parts all have seals: the pitch, roll and yaw piston; the primary servo pistons in the hydraulic deck; the main rotor damper pistons; the main landing gear struts; the tail landing gear struts; the tail rotor servo piston and the stabilator actuator.
Developed as a proof-of-concept demonstrator, the e-taxi system uses water-cooled, permanent magnet motors attached to the inboard wheels of each main landing gear to propel the aircraft both forwards and backwards - with power being supplied from the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), the aircraft is able to manoeuvre on the ground without using its main engines.
showed its first sign of trouble Monday, as the pilot monitor indicated that its main landing gear was not in place shortly before a touchdown.
The crew was preparing to land when they got a warning signal in the cockpit that the front nose wheel under the cockpit had not come down although the main landing gear under the aircraft's midsection was properly deployed.
Gulati landed the aircraft on the nose landing gear, which is the weakest part of the aircraft and not designed to take the impact, followed by the main landing gear touching the runway.
Early reports suggest the aircraft's main landing gear struck a low wall some distance from the runway threshold, losing both main landing gear units.
"The left-hand main landing gear was damaged on landing, and is delaying the aircraft from being removed from the runway," a Ryanair spokesman said.
The Gripen NG can be immediately recognised from its predecessors by its new main landing gear that now unfolds from under the wing root rather than from under the rear air intake fairing, making the way for additional fuel (nearly two tonnes).