main line

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main line

1. Railways
a. the trunk route between two points, usually fed by branch lines
b. (as modifier): a main-line station
2. US a main road
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Main Line


(Russian, magistral’; from Latin magistralis, “leading”).

(1) The main route, the primary line in communications (railroad main line, waterway main line).

(2) A wide and heavily traveled street in a large city.

(3) The main cable or wire in an electrical circuit or in tele-graph and telephone communications.

(4) The main pipe in a sewerage line or water system.

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main loop

The primary logic in a program, which is input-process-output. In an online, interactive program, everything happens when an input occurs, such as a mouse click, mouse movement, keyboard depression or arriving network packet. The main loop takes care of this by continually testing for these inputs and calling the appropriate routines to process them. Outputs are the data on screen and updated files.

In a batch processing program where data are processed without human interaction, the main loop reads the next record and processes it. Output is often continuously updated files with summaries displayed at the end. See loop and event loop.

A Batch Processing Print Job
This example reads order records and prints invoices. After printing date and bill-to/ship-to data, the program prints a variable number of line items. The line item routine is a subloop within the main loop.
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Alliance managing director Ian Yeowart said: "The West Coast Main Line is a vitally important rail artery and we will continue to work with Network Rail, the industry and the ORR to identify the capacity needed to deliver our new services in 2015 as planned.
Because the West Coast Main Line is as congested as it is, we need either to replace it with a traditional line or a high speed line.
Main Line will finish Stage 1 implementation this year and conduct an internal three-month validation, all with an eye to formal certification by March 2012.
Bassem Halabi, group business development director, Metito (which recently doubled the capacity of the on-site sewage treatment plant), said: "There was a breakage in the main line network, resulting in the sewage not reaching the plant.
And the delay in announcing the east coast main line franchise winner will cost passengers two years of faster services as GNER have missed their slot with train manufacturer Fiat.
Lynn agreed, saying that courts have no business deciding which churches qualify as "main line" and which do not.
Meanwhile, in the bear lineage, about 20 million years ago the giant panda ancestors split from the main line. O'Brien and his colleagues comment in the Sept.
But Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell said that without upgrades to the East Coast Main Line, the North East would miss out on the benefits.
NRA delegation said thatMain Line ML 1(Karachi - Peshawar main line) is a central infrastructure of Pakistan.
'We are planning to make rail journey further safer and faster by erecting fence on both sides of Main Line 1 from Peshawar to Karachi.
THE failure to get new "Azuma" trains running on the East Coast Main Line demonstrates the need for "urgent" funding to improve the line, a Newcastle MP has warned.