main line

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main line

1. Railways
a. the trunk route between two points, usually fed by branch lines
b. (as modifier): a main-line station
2. US a main road

Main Line


(Russian, magistral’; from Latin magistralis, “leading”).

(1) The main route, the primary line in communications (railroad main line, waterway main line).

(2) A wide and heavily traveled street in a large city.

(3) The main cable or wire in an electrical circuit or in tele-graph and telephone communications.

(4) The main pipe in a sewerage line or water system.

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The overhead electrification equipment on the East Coast main line has been damaged by strong winds many times, leading to accusations that more should have been spent when it was installed in the 1980s.
He claims the team which delivered the project could have electri-fied the Great Western main line for about PS625m, which was Network Rail's estimate in 2009 (adjusted to today's prices).
8220;Magnet designation provides a benchmark for patients and their families to measure the superior quality of care they can expect at Main Line Health,” says Jack Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Main Line Health.
A survey by Survation found that 68% of Liberal Democrat voters want the East Coast Main Line to remain in public ownership.
We're pleased to continue our successful relationship with Main Line Health," said Mark Marron, president of ePlus Technology.
JUST wonder how many care homes, or nurses and doctors could have been saved with the PS40million that has been wasted on the bids for the West Coast Main Line tenders?
The public sector team called the West Coast Main Line Mobilisation Team, was drawn from the already nationalised East Coast route.
Virgin Trains will fail in its bid to hang on to the West Coast Main Line franchise, the new Transport Secretary has insisted.
The disused 21-mile line between Northampton and Bedford via Olney, abandoned in 1962, could be restored and, if electrified, give connectivity between the West Coast main line (WCML) and the Midland main line.
Alliance Rail Holdings wants to run services from Huddersfield to Euston via Stockport on the West Coast Main Line under its Great North Western Railway Company (GNWR) brand.
Main Line was sent off at 10-1 to make a successful debut in the 1m1/2f maiden at Wolverhampton and David Lanigan's colt came from the rear to score in convincing style after trading at a high of 390 in running on Betfair.