main line

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main line

1. Railways
a. the trunk route between two points, usually fed by branch lines
b. (as modifier): a main-line station
2. US a main road

Main Line


(Russian, magistral’; from Latin magistralis, “leading”).

(1) The main route, the primary line in communications (railroad main line, waterway main line).

(2) A wide and heavily traveled street in a large city.

(3) The main cable or wire in an electrical circuit or in tele-graph and telephone communications.

(4) The main pipe in a sewerage line or water system.

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So King Innovation set out to design a product that would eliminate the need to cut the main line. "Part of being an innovative company is listening to the needs of our customers and creating products to fit those needs," said Sherry Harrison, marketing manager at King Innovation.
The product is waterproof and corrosion proof and does not require the installer to cut the main line. The lug:
To create a splice using the lug, the installer first strips the main line the length of the lug and inserts it into a "j" channel.
In addition to not cutting the main line, saving time is important to the crew at Huntingburg Gas.
Now the Westminster Government has ruled that the main line from Paddington to Swansea does not include the 20 miles from Cardiff to Bridgend!
"Of course the stretch of line from Cardiff to Bridgend is not part of the main line to Swansea," he says.
That's because Labour did commit to electrifying the main line, albeit with the wrong technology.
David Cameron didn't say: "Unlike the last administration, we have opted for the right technology for the main line electrification and we've persuaded the Welsh Government to electrify the Valleys Lines."