main member

main member, primary member

In a structural system, a member or component part which is essential to the overall stability of the structure.
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The Foreign Ministry's spokesperson said that Turkey, a main member ofthe North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), has always been astabilising and balancing factor in the region, adding that Qatar isfully confident of Turkey's keenness to maintain the safety of civiliansand the territorial integrity of Syria.
Bahrain takes part in the meetings of the International Parliament in Geneva as main member.
KARACHI -- The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) arrested a main member of an inter-provincial gang of dacoits and vehicles lifter.
So now when the National investigating Agency (NIA) and other intelligence agencies are boasting about the arrest of the top militant, Yasin Bhatkal who was the main member of the group, will he now resign from his post for saying so," he said.
A common feature of brain circuit components, such as dendrites, synaptic membranes, and other membranes of the nervous system, is that they are richly endowed in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the main member of the omega-3 essential fatty acid family.
The next main member event is on Wednesday, September 19, when the topic will be business improvement: people, performance, process.
Topaz premiums are from N$255 per main member, N$210 per adult dependent and N$80 per child dependent and Topaz Plus are from N$480 per main member, N$395 per adult dependant and N$140 per child dependant for employer groups.
The other main member of the team was Chin Ho Kelly, memorably portrayed by Kam Fong Chun, the longest-running character played by a Hawaiian in the history of television.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are among the main member states of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
For its audit, the Court evaluated the way in which Community rules on monitoring fisheries are implemented in the six main member states in terms of fisheries (UK, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands).
This version offers significant enhancements to previous versions, including an enrollment module, increased HIPAA readiness, streamlined main member enrollment, different plan coverage for each family member and restructured functionality for batch enrollment imports.
However, for single-splice joints containing lumber as the main member, the greater lumber stiffness compared with OSB leads to smaller joint strength reduction because of the smaller bending deformation in the joint.