main member

main member, primary member

In a structural system, a member or component part which is essential to the overall stability of the structure.
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The UK (53 per cent) was the main member state where the population from India acquired citizenship, while 50 per cent of the persons who were naturalised in Germany were from Turkey.
" We will work within the next two weeks on a new mandate for the mission and hope to be concise and clear on one of the exit options and specific in areas that need to be focused on, such as capacity building, strengthening the rule of law, strengthening national ownership and strengthening cooperation and consistency with main member team in Darfur," he added.
The United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday that the Western-backed coalition, of which it is a main member, would "retaliate hard" for any Houthi attacks on coalition targets.
In a press release, NIA on Tuesday claimed, "Faiz was found to be the main member of the Pro-IS module Harkat-Ul-Harb-E-Islam, who was instrumental in bringing other members besides founding the group.
In FY18, the climate commitments of IFC - the main member of the World Bank Group focused on the private sector in emerging markets - amounted to 36 percent of IFC's own account and mobilization.
Furthermore, a main member of Musharraf's party, Dr Amjad had also withdrawn his nomination papers in favor of Imran Khan in NA-53.
The Foreign Ministry's spokesperson said that Turkey, a main member ofthe North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), has always been astabilising and balancing factor in the region, adding that Qatar isfully confident of Turkey's keenness to maintain the safety of civiliansand the territorial integrity of Syria.
When the wind speed reaches [U.sub.10] = 19 m/s, the maximum axial compressive stress of the main member on compressive side of the tower bottom (0 m) reaches the design yield strength (310 MPa).
NNA - The ISF announced on Sunday that a strike force from the Information Branch apprehended the "main member" of the group responsible for the twin-bombings of Bourj Barajneh.
KARACHI -- The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) arrested a main member of an inter-provincial gang of dacoits and vehicles lifter.
In the event of the main member's death, the beneficiaries include husband or wife, sons, daughters and grandparents.