main stack

vent stack, main vent

vent stack
A vertical vent pipe installed primarily for the purpose of providing
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On the plumbing board, a main stack pipe is shown that connects to commonly seen faucets, shower heads, drains and even the washing machine connection.
Over Christmas that year, a wood fire in the company's main stack at its Wilton site near Redcar burned for 16 days, leading to a raft of complaints from those living nearby.
While the ship was sinking after one airplane went down their main stack, he returned to his quarters to retrieve pay records and money belts containing U.S.
On this second pass move the scales that you play perfectly to the main stack; i.e., those you were successful in the first pass.
The card stacks style also has the advantage of offering more info on one screen, with the effect deploying the focus on the main stack and slightly blurring out the rest.
Ordinary stainless steel piping was used to divert a portion of exhaust gas from the main stack of the plant.
They protect the main stack and may also take prisoners in the form of chips.
Moving a WC requires moving pipework and the easiest solution is to put it through the wall and connect to the main stack.
In the event of a fault the fan was designed to stop, and the vent damper in the manifold connecting to the main stack closed automatically.
Following initial storage and assessment in the main stack area, the collection was reloaded and underwent a deep-freezing fumigation at -25[degrees]C.