main trap

building trap, main trap

building trap
A running trap on the outlet side of a building drain (on the sewer side of all drain connections); prevents the passage of odors between the common sewer and the plumbing of the building.
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The second main trap component, the "trap box," is an approximate cube with extensions on the bottom to fit securely over the speaker box.
The main trap the new government must avoid is a return to a heavily paternalistic style of governance.
The main trap orifice is operated by a float and linkage that responds to condensate level, regardless of condensate temperature.
But there is a clear global distinction between diplomacy and violence, and this is the main trap for those whom "the moderates" call radical.
The main trap fisheries in Australia are for western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) in Western Australia and southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) along the southern coastline.
They feel exhausted or anxious because they can't find real love, and such women frequently get caught in three main traps, or what I call "romance disorders," to compensate for what they consider unbearable feelings of anxiety when it comes to love and sex.
Here are some of the main traps and how to avoid them.