main undercarriage

main landing gear

The wheels of a landing gear that support nearly all the weight of an aircraft. Other units are the nose-landing gear, tail wheel, and outriggers. Also called a main undercarriage. See also landing gear.
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|Howard Ridgwell checks |the main undercarriage leg
Amazingly the main undercarriage tyres remain inflated, although the propellers clearly show the damage inflicted during the bomber's fateful final landing, experts have said.
IN EARLY December, German MRO Lufthansa Technik (LHT), in partnership with L-3 Communications, successfully completed the first taxi trials of an aircraft powered by electric motors attached to the main undercarriage.
In a statement, the airport said the plane made a normal landing after arriving from London Luton Airport and appeared to have suffered a problem with its starboard main undercarriage as it was taxiing on the runway.
.[its] left hand main undercarriage," according to Flight Safety Foundation's Aviation Safety Network.
Witnesses said the aircraft had finally stopped on the grass verge at the western end of the runway, with the nose wheel and the starboard main undercarriage on the grass.
The wreckage included one of the main undercarriage wheels and perfectly preserved fuselage panels.
The initial problem occurred when the pilot found the starboard main undercarriage door on the Vulcan would not retract.
While operating at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar with VP-45, Petty Officer O'Dell watched as a Royal Air Force Tornado developed a hydraulic fire on its main undercarriage shortly after landing.
At 9.15am the left side of the main undercarriage was believed to have caught fire and passengers and crew were rushed off the aircraft using the emergency slides.
Amazingly the main undercarriage tyres remain inflated but the propellers clearly show the damage inflicted during the bomber's fateful final landing, experts have said.
The spokeswoman said the plane was found in "remarkable" condition considering the years it has spent underwater, and is largely intact with its main undercarriage tyres inflated and its propellers still showing the damage they suffered during its final landing.