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'Now the airline is left with no grounded aircraft except the ones undergoing mandatory routine maintenance checks,' he said.
Excluding fuel and special items, first-quarter CASM was 11.88c, up 2.7% year-over-year, driven primarily by a higher volume of heavy maintenance checks.
The company is gearing up to carry out A350 maintenance checks in Abu Dhabi from March 2019.
Tenders are invited for the supply of fire safety equipment and spare parts, - the services of regulatory and maintenance checks for fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire hydrants, dry columns, manual smoke extraction, equipment and signaling equipment.
The company says this is to allow for routine maintenance checks in the said areas.
The contract covers heavy base maintenance checks of its Airbus A380 Aircraft.
The company's deals with Lufthansa Airlines, the largest German carrier, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines involve the heavy base maintenance checks of their Airbus A380 aircraft.
"As a precautionary measure the aircraft immediately returned to Toulouse for maintenance checks. Post maintenance the aircraft was released for ferry.
Take for instance a maintenance crew working on a fighter aircraft conducting maintenance checks. An access door was already open to connect electrical and hydraulic power to complete previous checks.
PIA Engineering and Maintenance department has the capacity and capability to do all heavy maintenance checks which are regularly performed not only on airline's own fleet of aircraft but the facility is also provided to some international customers.
Alan Austin, head of business at Volkswagen Van Centre Wrexham, reviewed the DVSA report which revealed 45 per cent of MOT failures were caused by simple-to-fix faults that could be picked up during routine maintenance checks. He said: "It is worrying to discover that pass rates have increased by just one per cent over the last three years and that in most cases simple things such as faulty bulbs, (32.2 per cent) and worn tyre treads (4.8 per cent) were at fault.
"Our best advice is to ensure your car is serviced regularly and you are carrying out your own simple maintenance checks in between."

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